About tissue paper production and finished products

The process of obtaining tissue paper starts from a recipe of short fibers and cellulose mixture, which give softness and finesse, along with long-fiber cellulose for resistance.

The paper-making process is entirely automated and starts from mixing and homogenising the cellulose with water, continuing with the release of paper pulp on the machine to be dried on an enormous cast iron cylinder at a temperature of over 500 degrees Celsius, and finalised through rolling the paper into the so-called jumbo-rolls, that can reach up to 2.5 meters in diameter.

These are checked to ensure that they meet the basic physical and technical parameters required for each type of finished product processing. We perform sample-based controls to measure characteristics for other special requirements. The rolls are wrapped with a plastic foil and labeled, then are transported to the warehouse where they are stored until are delivered or used to manufacture the products for which they are intended. Pehart Tech Grup SA has a dedicated business division for selling jumbo roll paper.

To obtain tissues, kitchen towels, table cloths or handkerchiefs, the jumbo rolls are sent to processing lines specific to each type of finished product, where they are printed, glued, stamped, punched and wound onto cardboard tubes to obtain rolls, then cut to required size.

Then comes the packing and palletising section, where the finished products receive its packaging, then stacked on pallets and ready to delivery.